imaginurThose ciplak headsets! They are supposedly high tech equipment meant to aid in hypnosis, but look like they were purchased at ToysRUs or assembled from old washing machine parts. Perhaps their cheap and flimsy nature is meant to symbolise the fragility of the human body and underline how our physical selves are merely vehicles for the memories and emotions that will survive past the deterioration of flesh, skin and bone? What happens then when even memories fail, as happens in old age, especially to those unfortunate enough to fall victim to dementia?

For Zuhal (woodenly played by Beto Kusyairy), his body and his mind (memories) have betrayed him. And those clunky plastic crowns do nothing to add to the story Imaginur is supposedly telling about this man. They were just a terrible distraction, confirmation of the impression I got that Imaginur is simply a clever idea that the writer (Redza Minhat) and director (Nik Amir Mustapha) did not bother to fully explore because they did not, themselves, fully understand it.Read More »