Delhi Crime Season 1

delhi Crime

Director: Richie Mehta

Released in 2019 on Netflix.

This is the best series I’ve watched this year. I devoured all seven episodes one after the other, and I’m planning a rewatch soon.

It’s so well written, paced, and acted. Even though it’s a police procedural and you know the outcome (based as it is on a true crime), you are on tenterhooks the whole way through, anxiously waiting for what happens next.

I also love that the scant information we’re given about some of the police officers’ personal lives nevertheless allows us to make more of them than just overworked civil servants. I was as anxious for their welfare as I was for the victim of the rape.

And, while I didn’t wish for the rapists to get away with their crime, the way the story was told did allow me to understand and imagine how they’d ended up doing what they’d done.

I hope there’s a second season!

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