Jaoon Kahan Bata Aedil


Director: Aadish Keluskar

Released in 2018

This was unexpected. I loved it — the script, the acting, the portrayal of desperation and loneliness.
Be warned: It features lies, emotional, verbal and physical abuse, bullying, and all the other delightful things that so many relationships are about.

The English title is Lovefucked, which is appropriate when you watch the two actors react to one another. There is chemistry and it’s intense, but it’s a fucked up kind of love, more lust, really, not a shred of tenderness certainly. You get the feeling that they would have stumbled along together, each despising the other more and more with each passing day, if not for what does happen. No spoilers, but that ending (before the film’s actual ending) is melodramatic and ridiculous. Does she (Khushboo Upadhyay) really need to feel even worse than he (Rohit Kokate) has already made her? Or is the scene meant to ensure her release? Perhaps the actual final scene is then inserted to show us that, beyond the shock, there is no misplaced guilt, only relief and a wild delight at her deliverance. However, the audience knows that she does not have the capacity to continue to be good to herself for very long. Not deliverance then, only a short reprieve.

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